Latest Assignments

1.     US Based Injecatable MNC-Was setting up remedial team


2.     For the first time we were given this prestigious Assignment.


3.     Assignment was to Quickly get 29 Senior level QA on board.


4.     By Competing with 4 reputed international Search firm.


5.     But, within 91 days We Closed 21 Critical Positions. Latest-Assignment--2


6.     Like CQ, BQ, QA Trainer , Plant QA , QMS , etc

1.     French Based MNC was setting up IT Service Delivery Hub


2.     Assignment was to hire 26 Senior Level Niche Positions.


3.     This was mission critical, as the client has, go live target date fixed


4.     Within 64 days, We closed 19 Positions, Latest-Assignment--2


5.     Including one Director position in Singapore


6.     Like Application hoisting , Platform architect , Solution Architects etc

1.     US based MNC wanted to Strengthen the R&D


2.     Expat from US was Deputed to India to Hire these Critical Positions


3.     Client has placed strong confidence on us and awarded retainer ship


4.     Assignment was to hire 9 Senior level Scientists in Biologics & Injectables Latest-Assignment--2


5.     Within 122 days, We Closed 8 Positions..

Key Leadership Succession :-


1.     As part of growth plan and to strengthen the leadership,


2.     Fast growing Indian MNC, collaborated with us,


3.     To Hire 8 key leadership Position. Latest-Assignment--2


4.     With 66 days, We closed 5 positions ..


5.    Cluster Head, Site Heads, VP Operations, VP Q.A

Our Success

Remedial team

IT –Asia Pac Hub

R&D for Pharma


Leadership Assignments Delivered


Leadership Hiring Per annum


MNC Clients


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